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Ustica a paradise for scuba divers

Ustica is the perfect place for both experienced and new divers.
The pristine habitats together with the richness of flora and fauna in an environment characterised by an extraordinary visibility (up to 40 m), offer amazing experiences starting from few meters in depth.
Ustica island of has volcanic origin, with a unique and spectacular morphology, particularly rich in caves and caverns, canyons, walls and rifts.

Ustica, Area Marina ProtettaThe Marine Protected Area of Ustica
The Marine Protected Area of Ustica, established in 1986, is the oldest in Italy. Together with our guides and marine ecologists, experienced of local seascapes, you can meet big groupers and large amberjacks, as well as wide schools of Mediterranean barracudas swimming spirally and many other species in a pristine and spectacular habitat with high biodiversity.
Following the Biology Diver project by ISDA, you can also dive in the full protection A zone, and take part in the Marine Protected Area monitoring plans. Diving in the Marine Protected Area of Ustica is a unique opportunity to improve your knowledge of marine life and adopted protection measures for habitat and biodiversity.
Since 2005 Ustica seabed has also a wreck: a Panamanian ship that was carrying marble blocks and ran aground on the Colombara shoal. After that the ship breaks in a half and sink on a bottom of few tens of meters

Dive sites

There are over 30 dive sites around Ustica, an extraordinarily large number considering the island small size.
The farthest dive site can be reached in 15 minutes of boat trip.
The guides working in Orca Diving Ustica are highly qualified and experienced of local seascapes.
Orca diving Ustica arranges small diving groups structured by level of certification, in order to guarantee maximum safety and fun.
Click on the dive site in the map to read the description.

How much I’ll pay for the dives?
The more dives you do, the more you save.
Moreover Orca Diving Ustica often offers promotions for those who book first.
Watch this website to be aware about our offers, or write to to receive our email on special promotions.

The guides working in Orca Diving Ustica are highly qualified and experienced of local seascapeserte dei fondali dell’isola.

Dives Prices list

Discover Scuba Diving € 60,00 including all the equipment
Single Dive € 35,00
Night Dive € 45,00
NITROX air € 5,00
6 Dives Package € 186,00
10 Dives Package € 300,00
Boat exit for not Divers € 10,00
Snorkeling € 25,00 including mask, snorkel and fins
Snorkeling with guide € 35,00 including mask, snorkel and fins and guide (min. 4 people)
Extra for full-day exit
with onboard lunch
€ 37,00 (also for non divers)

Dives sites

Click on the dive site in the map to read the description


Depth: from 15 to 42 meters

Cave of shrimps is definitely one of the most famous cave in the Mediterranean Sea. The key feature of this underwater exploration is the incredible amount of shrimps that inhabit the cave. Here you can see thousands of those small animals, in the cave your scuba lights reflects an intense orange color created by the incredible abundance of those crustaceans (Parapandalus narval). The cave is also attractive for the presence of lobsters and especially of Mediterranean slipper lobsters, a wonderful crustacean that unfortunately is becoming more and more rare Mediterranean underwater habitat.



Depth: from 3 to 50 meters ;-)

The Colombara shoal extends off the north-eastern coast of the island and begins just 3 m under water surface. The best dives are along the west wall. In the first wall we find a depth of 24 m, then we move along a plateau about 50 m wide and finally we follow the second wall which reach the depth of 45-50 m. At the Colombara shoal in a single dive you can see lots of groupers, large goldblotch groupers of 40 kilos, amberjacks, schools of Mediterranean barracudas swimming spirally, snappers, giant sea breams and lobsters. Finally you can admire the spectacular red gorgonians opening their fans along the wall over 35 m deep on boulders sparse on the bottom.



Depth: from 3 to 40 meters

The west side of Ustica is dominated by the legendary Medico Rock, visited by the most famous scuba divers of the world. To see completely the Medico Rock you need five or six dives. This rock has the feature of being entirely crossed in length (about 70 m) by an underwater pass at the depth of 20 m. This canyon is at least 25 m wide and has a good surface illumination. From the wide canyon entrance you can see the way out, formed by a series of holes creating wonderful light reflections effects. Throughout the rock and especially the west end, even in few meters in depth, you can meet for sure large groupers and schools of Mediterranean barracudas. For less experienced divers the rock area facing the island is more suitable, this zone does not exceed 30 m in depth.



Depth: from 40 meters

Sicchitello is a shoal very little frequented, where only more experienced divers can dive. Among the rocks folds mostly adorned with thick and wonderful red gorgonian fans, Sicchitello shoal houses the Gerardia savaglia known as the false Mediterranean black coral, a particularly rare and fragile organism. At Sicchitello Shoal you can meet large pelagic fish such as tunas and amberjacks. Here you can also see sunfish and Mediterranean turtles, finally is not uncommon to see large schools of Mediterranean barracudas swimming spirally over the massive rocks of the shoal.


Depth: from 3 to 40 meters

The cove running on the side of Galera cape, homing the Cave of Shrimps, has many dives suitable for all levels of expertise. Ideal for practice within the Open Water Diver course, falls gradually to over 40 m in depth. Here you can meet many fishes, including some groupers settled in this area and wide schools of sea bream. During the dive you move between the rocks, passing under rock arches or in the Altare Cave (also known as Cave Of Shrimps 2) whose entrance is located at 26 m in depth.


Depth: from 0 to 40 meters

Ustica is a volcanic island and offers a various and unique spectacular morphology, rich in both terrestrial and underwater caves. The Pastizza cave has two main rooms and several tunnels. This cave allows an easy entrance is only 7 m deep, with the possibility of emerging in a large air bubble. Having the first room half emerged this cave is frequently visited by free divers and snorkelers, accompanied by local fishermen within the island tour.



Depth: from 3 to 40 meters

Pyramids dive is also accessible from land starting from the dock at Punta Spalmatore, this dive is greatly appreciated for the mountains morphology on the bottom and the narrow canyons. Even if not particularly rich in fish Pyramid is a perfect dive site for divers with Deep Diver Certification.



Depth: from 3 to 40 meters

Anchoring in the Omo Morto bay not far from the port, at Falconara Cape you can dive in one of the most beautiful walls of Ustica Island. A very interesting site for night dives, this wall is very appreciated for its biodiversity and constant dive site in all courses of Marine Biology Diver.



Depth: from 3 to 40 meters

Situated in the southernmost side of the island, Arpa Cape dive site offers a variety of meet with wildlife, from lobsters to Mediterranean barracudas. This dive is especially appreciated for the gorgonians, in fact on the same boulder here you can find diverse kind and colours of gorgonians fans which coexist, creating a spectacular colour effect.








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